Cloud Servers That Offer More

Optimal Geek Cloud VPS models are best for hosting critical applications or specialized production environments. We provide a hardware and uptime SLA Guarantee that promises you high availability and stable service right from the moment you step on board.

Instant Cloud VPS Deployment

Choose your Cloud Environment configuration, resources and Operating System (Linux and Windows) and hit the accelerator.

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No Strings Attached Strategy

You are only obliged to pay for the period you commit to. There are no long term contracts, which facilitate a smooth exit strategy if you change your mind.

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Maximum Performance

SSD Storage for optimum Cloud VPS Performance and fine-tuned Server Resources that can be scaled up at any time with a twitch of a button.

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Cloud VPS

Our Cloud VPS provide a captivating hosting experience. With full root access, your Cloud server can be adjusted to meet your exact demands. Our Legendary Tech Support will setup, secure, maintain and monitor your server so that you can focus on building and scaling your website.

At OG, we offer drives that are exclusive in terms of bandwidth and latency and an inimitable infrastructure that offers triple replication and distributed storage. Our Cloud VPS models ensure the safety and integrity of your data, without compromising on performance or requiring any additional configurations.

99.9% uptime is guaranteed On Our Cloud Hosting

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Cloud Hosting World Wide

Effortlessly scale your Cloud VPS resources as your business evolves.


Secure Hosting Infrastrucure

Our cloud VPS plans make-use of top-tier Storage Area Network (SAN), which provides flexible data security across multiple storage drives. We also provide off-cloud backups to ensure complete data protection.

Scalable Hosting For Startups

Cloud VPS hosting that lets your business grow, and scale your servers as your demand increases. Easily configure your servers according to your required specifications and pay for only those services that you need.

Unmatched Security and Reliability

We monitor our network 24×7, provision several bandwidth providers and a Content Delivery Network to carry your data in the fastest way. Our exclusive SSD caching technology enhances overall page load speed as well.

Hassle-free Exit Strategy

Even though we would never like to see you leave, and know that there would be no reason to, we still provide a hassle free cancellation. With us, you never get into any long term contracts, leaving you free to cancel anytime you want.